What Terry Cares About

From being a Founding Member of the Global Women's Health Initiative to serving as Founder and CEO of the Shae Foundation, Terry's work has extended beyond award-winning filmmaking to making an impact on the world. See how Terry established a non-profit dedicated to educating and humanitarian storytelling, traveled around various African countries to raise awareness for women's health, supports Native American education in Arizona through innovative approaches, created a television series to raise support for Asian Aid, and tackled human trafficking in Nepal.


shae foundation

In 2010 Terry’s passion for inspiring students led him to form SHAE, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of “creating message media for global change,” in an effort to make a positive difference in the global community with art and media from a Creator-based perspective. The Shae Foundation is an educational and humanitarian organization, meaning it does two things - Educates and Creates. These reveal themselves in the mentorship program and Shae's artistic telling of projects worth sharing.

Shae leads by example - making a positive impact in the lives of artists by encouraging, inspiring, and guiding them in using their Creator-centered gifts in service to their local and global community. It is to that end that Shae believes it essential to nurture the creative spirit in all of us. Terry embodies this philosophy, mentoring individuals from students to new entrants in the film and nonprofit fields.


Global women's health initiative

Together with caring thought leaders in the world of physical therapy, Terry formed Global Women's Health Initiative. GWHI believes in solutions that help women today while paving a healthy path for the women of tomorrow. Their goals include: bringing urgent healthcare to individual women in need worldwide, educating physical therapists and communities on women's health issues, investing in sustainable global women's health educational programs, fostering international partnerships and opportunities, and creating message media campaigns to raise awareness and educate the global community.

In March of 2017, Terry led a GWHI expedition to several countries in Africa. During his time there, he captured photos and video footage of the women's living conditions. Because a picture speaks a thousand words, this media will be assembled under the leadership of The Shae Foundation to raise awareness and garner further support for the GWHI mission.


Native american education

Holbrook is more than just a 1st-12th grade school in Arizona, it's a place of change. Teachers reconcile the conflicting worlds Native American children face in balancing Western, Christian, and Native American values. Holbrook's alumni are a testament to their academic excellence. Its teachers nurture the creative spirit through adventure and art programs.


In 2014, Terry led a Safari team to Arizona to capture the natural beauty of Holbrook - both its landscape and its people. The photos were assembled into a photo book for a cause. The school sells each book for a $100 donation. The proceeds from each donation go directly to the school, furthering the cause of changing students' lives.
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Hope in Motion

An Australian-based outreach struggled to gain traction in the USA. Terry created a broadcast media series to raise the profile of Asian Aid, whose revenue hovered around 125k annually. By demonstrating the effective ways they serve through The Shae Foundation’s artful storytelling, they received a single donation larger than their previous annual income and the series went on to raise several million dollars during the first two years of broadcast and marketing outreach.

Human trafficking

Every year thousands of Nepali girls are taken across the border to India. Full of big dreams and hope for a better life for their families, their trust is broken when they are sold repeatedly and end up in brothels with no escape. AffectTheCause.org is a social enterprise dedicated to making a positive change in the global community. Linking partners such as The Shae Foundation and 3Angels Nepal, Terry is working to increase awareness about HT and create systemic change to eliminate it. To show the realities of what is taking place in Nepal, Terry produced the short film A Long Way from Home.


The purpose for AffectTheCause.org is to provide opportunities for socially conscious people to get involved by using their giftedness and passion to cause a life-changing result. The payback is that our own lives become transformed. Affect The Cause believes its philosophy can be implemented sustainably to ensure that investments of time, expertise, and resources result in better efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity, making the global community a better place.

Their first priority is producing message media that cuts to the core of any given cause needing urgent attention. Doing this makes it easy for people to make decisions and get involved and that’s the point of AffectTheCause.org. To that end, their team hopes to gain support to make a systemic difference in the world community.